27 January 2015

GATE Exam 2015 Guess Papers Important Questions

The GATE Exam 2015 is nearing very close for all candidates. It's the time of the year when all students will be looking to solve GATE Exam 2015 Guess Papers available to them free. All candidates are requested to solve GATE 2015 Guess Papers and Sample Papers made available here through various resources. Also students can view the GATE Exam 2015 important questions in the upcoming exams. It includes Gate Exam for Civil, CE, CS, EC, EE and ME important guess paper questions here as a reference.

The Graduate Aptitude Entrance Test (GATE) 2015 Exam will be held on the first week of February. In order to have a better preparation for the candidates, they are requested to solve the last minute ready important questions for various branches like Mechanical, EC, EEE, Civil, Computer and IT Students across different states. We are presuming and assuming some important aspects for you based on our faculty experience for different branches the important questions and all.

For Mechanical / Automobile Students :: Students appearing in GATE 2015 will be requested to study Fluid Mechanics subject very well because 20% questions will be based on it for sure. Another thing, do thoroughly Elements of Mechanical Engineering subject- Part I & II. 15% is coming from that.

For Computer / Electronics Students :: Study thoroughly Digital systems since 20% atleast will be coming. Do Electronics Part I & II for getting another 40% common in 2013 exam.

For rest of the students across different branches, we will provide you the update as soon as we get the update from reliable sources and experienced faculties.

If you want to practise Sample GATE 2014 Questions, visit here: GATE 2015 Important Questions Sample Paper.

Gate Exam Important Questions - Guess Papers for EE, CE, Civil and CS Branches

All the important chapters carrying heavy weightage in terms of most number of questions asked will be important no doubt, but keep solving papers of previous years GATE papers to acquire the best knowledge of how questions would be asked logically or theoretically as per reference. Digital Logic Design, the most important topic for CE candidates, Building Constructions and Survey will be the most important topic for all Civil candidates and Electronics and Circuit will carry more than 20 percent weightage for EE candidates.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the above topics as they yield maximum questions every year. By far solving sample questions will improve your theoretical capability and problem solving technique much more. 

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