21 July 2015

How to track NEFT Transfer Status online

NEFT is becoming increasingly important in business and money transaction from bank to bank. Read to know how to track NEFT Transfer status online and offline. You can individually keep track of your NEFT Transaction status online / offline based on your data provided by the bank. Both online method and offline method to track your NEFT Status and Transaction can be done through bank and through bank's portal.

We all know that transferring money was never too easy untill NEFT came into picture. The National Electronic Fund Transfer popularly known as NEFT can be used to transfer money from bank to bank to individual's customized bank accounts. The bank charges a very nominal fee or even no fees which depends on promotional schemes from one bank to other.

If you have transferred your money recently to anyone through the NEFT Transaction method, then you can ofcourse check your status of transfer and transactions. Just follow the below mentioned steps in order to check your NEFT transfers if you are worried about your transactions.

Step 1: The bank provides you with the unique transaction reference number while you transfer the money through NEFT system.

Step 2: Get your unique number by visiting bank's CFC or you can visit the branch respectively too.

Step 3: Provide your Unique transaction number at the website when required to check the NEFT transfer status manually. Alternatively even if you visit your bank, you will have to provide your unique number of transfer to check the status.

The bank itself will keep in check the NEFT transfers and statuses of your amount untill any error comes, you will be informed by the bank respectively.

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