Friday, 11 January 2013

Upcoming Gujarati Movies List in 2013 Latest in Gujarat

There is a huge anticipation among the people of Gujarat to look forward for the upcoming Gujarati movies in 2013 year as the year unfolds many new occasions where the Gollywood is expected to turn big things around this year. The excitement and anticipation of the year in the list of upcoming Gujarati movies in 2013 will bring more and more enthusiasm among the people to look forward for Gujarati films this year.

The Gujarati Movies will look forward to stroll rise this year in 2013 as many new assignments and film projects will be covered under the screening categories this year. Moreover it is expected that film shooting would also be taken on new heights on global platform as well. As far as audiences are concerned, only fewer TRPs have been recorded after the big hit of Kevi Rite Jaish, a Gujarati flick.

Here's a list of upcoming Gujarati movies this year that will look forward to turn the tables:

1. Kai Po Che! - A Gujarati Novel Flick

The movie will be expected to be releasing on February 22, 2013. Now after the movie, there hasn't been any reporting of the latest upcoming movies to be released up to the first two months of time.

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