30 April 2015

Indian Idol Junior 2015 – Online Registration, Audition Dates, Venue and Selection Process

Thrilled and excited for Indian Idol Junior Season 2 for the year 2015? Then its time to turn your singing talent into global recognition because Indian Idol is coming back for Auditions in 2015. The Registration Form and Online Registration details will be displayed on Indian Idol Season 8 website officially. The Venues decided for Indian Idol Junior Auditions is similar to the 6th Season and will comprise of rigorous selection process in Indian Idol Season 2 Junior in 2015. The Audition Dates and official announcements will be notified as soon as Season 2 kicks off in a couple of months of time.

The Indian Idol Season 7, a highly anticipated reality show where stars born and shine in glory with their singing talent is reluctant to be back this year for their Seniors season. Recently the Indian Idol Juniors ended on a high note, where it marked its first season with young talented kids across India. This time seniors will be up for fight to make it to the top 12 of Indian Idol Season 7 to be held in 2015 later this year.

Where to get Indian Idol Registration Form for 2015 Auditions?

Many of you are wondering about this question and are keen on preparing yourself for the auditions. The Registration Forms will be displayed officially prior to a month of time as the audition dates are notified. We will get you the audition registration form as soon as we receive them. Make sure you subscribe us, so that you don't miss out the Registration forms distributed online.

You can also register online, but registration will be mandatory at the venue of the audition keeping in mind the originality of the participation in terms of Indian Idol "Terms and Conditions". You can fill the registration forms to be downloaded online and jump the queue easily during the actual audition date.

Audition Venues for Indian Idol Season 7 - Participation of Cities

Indian Idol will go for a ride on auditions across different cities and states. So make sure, when Indian Idol visits your city, you don't afford to lose out on the opportunity!! Here's an approximate list of cities where auditions will be held:

1. Mumbai
2. Kolkata
3. New Delhi
4. Chennai
5. Hyderabad
6. Ahmedabad
7. Pune
8. Chandigarh
9. Bangalore
10. Bihar

Auditions will also be held abroad to find Indian talented singers across couple of countries. They will be fetched and will be merged with Indian selected participants to join the singing marathon in Mumbai.

Selection Process of Indian Idol Season 7

The selection process will be simple. Only a limited number of people will be selected based on their singing talent, experience and expertise on this field. A hand fetched of participants will then be called in Mumbai for Round 2 selection process. This is where actual singing competition begins among the participants to qualify for the final 12 list. A final list will then be taken out which will have 12 participants name selected from all India basis selection procedure.

These 12 participants will go through the rounds of actual Indian Idol singing competition. So guys, prepare yourself for the countdown, because you have within yourself the talent to make yourself the winner of Indian Idol 2014 Season 7!!

You may post your queries below, if you have any. Don't forget to subscribe us using below links so that we can notify you the audition details and provide you the online registration form. Thank you!!


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  6. My Kids have cleared the screening process digitally( Akshaya and Aashna Arun).
    Pls let me know what will be the next step if they do not get through the Jump the Queue ??

  7. When will online auditions for indian idol start?????

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