21 December 2013

Tarpa Festival 2013: Celebrate Life Luxury in Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli

The Tarpa Festival 2013 is back! Dadra & Nagar Haveli's Silvassa Town is ready to greet its visitors with the wonderful Silvassa Tarpa Festival 2013. The Festival known famous for its Tarpa Dance and wonderful Craft Bazaar will commence its signature celebration from 27th December, 2013. Start booking tickets for Tarpa Festival 2013 soon. So if you are planning to spend a weekend somewhere, then Tarpa Festival is surely a place to desire for! The famous Tarpa Music and Gujarati plays will drive your highness into pleasure. So move ahead and plan your vacation!

This year, The Tarpa Festival will bring more colors and fun for their visitors as it is set to remark a significant spot tailor made for tourism department of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. It is basically a family visiting spot where one can enjoy the luxe living to the fullest. The three day programme will commence from 27th this month and end on 29th.

Here's a schedule for Tarpa Festival:

27th December, 2013: Inauguration of Shubh Yatra from 3 pm onwards
                                   Sitars of India performing on the Indian music from 7 pm onwards

28th December, 2013: Tradition Folk dance and display of different states dance forms from 5 pm onwards
                                  Gujarati play organized directed by Sanjay Garodia from 8:30 pm onwards

29th December, 2013: Closing Ceremony and Prize distribution from 5 pm onwards
                                  DHAMAAL NIGHTS by Udit Narayan with Comedy Show by Sunil Pal from 7 pm

Other Attractions: View Crafts Bazaar open throughout the day and special flower presentations.

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