2 January 2014

International Kite Festival 2014 - Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dates, Events and Attractions

The International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is known to be the best Kite Festival event in entire Asia. The International Kite Festival (IKF) will kick off from second week of January, 2014 and will last for five days ending on Uttarayan day. The festival is celebrated every year in Gujarat especially in Ahmedabad where Kite Festival is very prominent and popular. Some of the popular attractions of the event include Kite flying, foreign visitors trying their luck with kite flying, competitions and variety of Kite making during the event. Not only this, the entire Gujarat specializes the importance of Kite Festival in India as it marks the beginning of Uttarayan aka Makar Sankranti event.

The International Kite Festival, one of Asia's biggest event is hosted in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to remark the symbol of fun and frolic with kite flying. It is not only the biggest, but one of the hostile events where many outsiders from India or even other parts of the world come here to witness the special event. There are a variety of events, specialties one should try while visiting for this grand event. As said earlier, the event is hosted in the heart of Gujarat - Ahmedabad, so people will come in large numbers for the event surely.

What are the popular specialties of IKF Celebration in Ahmedabad every year?

There are many popular items you can try here in Gujarat. There's none to miss, but at the same time, International Kite Festival gives you the opportunity to explore Ahmedabad in a big way. If you ever wished to visit Gujarat during winters, you can't miss IKF held every year from second week of January till third week. Popular international tourists visit the event, spotting for something new to change from their conventional celebration to Desi Gujarati festival. Though it remarks a Gujarati festival more than what it means, the commencement of such a festival event has seen Gujarat rising to mark their culture internationally too.

Gujaratis here in Ahmedabad indulge in Kite festival two months prior to the commencement of the festival. Infact closely observing, Kite flying starts way ahead before two months to rub their hands for the final event that lines up within days of time. Not to forget the Kite flying and Makar Sankranti is hugely popular in the western parts of Gujarat that includes places like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot. You can never imagine to miss such a beautiful event even when you get the opportunity being in India! So here are some of the beautiful attractions / specialties that International Kite Festival holds pretty much upon its shoulders:

  • Methi Ke Gothe: Yes sounds typical! But one of the favstars of Gujarat during winters. These Gothes are made from Methi, a green leafy vegetable which most of the Indians know it pretty well. If time is to tell why these are so popular, then ask the Gujjus! The Methi Ke Gothes are known to be made in each and everyone's house in Gujarat. You should try this while visiting Kites festival event in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  

  • Til Gur Chikkis: The famous Chikkis are sold at the Kite Festival event place every year in big numbers. International tourists favour buying new things all the time, these Chikkis serve to show the pride of Gujarat. While Til Gur Chikkis are prominent here in Ahmedabad, these also remain fresh for a longer period of time. Top Chikki sellers set themselves in a tend at Kite flying event venue where everyone gets the opportunity to buy Gujarat's famous Chikkis!

  • Mix Vegetable Undhiyu: Ah! Another spellathon challenge! This dish is a treat to have during the Uttarayan days. In Gujarat, where Makar Sankranti is celebrated with so much fervour, this dish adds the taste to the event. The Undhiyu is popular in all parts of Gujarat and is made especially during the winters. So don't wait, try the dish the moment you see somewhere during the event.

Events Lined up during International Kite Festival 2013 Event in Ahmedabad

Lots of exciting events and programme are lined during the Festival scheduled for 5 days. In the event for an exciting Uttarayan and Kite flying, we see professional artists giving the makeover of the Kite specially for the IKF event. The small kites are available millions in number, the bigger ones appear during the Kite festival scheduled during the time. The foreigners give themselves a try to fly those big kites, where the flavours of the event lie in the heart. Magnificent Kite show and competitions make it exciting by the end of the day. There's a special Patang Bazaar in Ahmedabad where Kites are sold in millions and the bigger ones move ahead for the event. Here are some popular events:
  • Kite Flying Competition: The charismatic Kite flying competition involves competitors ranging from local Gujaratis to International flyers all compete for a covered winner's title. The event happens on the 3rd day possibly after much practice by foreigners. It is known that the competition provides some exciting gifts and medals towards the end honoured by Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

  • Night Flying Lamps: Yes, these days, the trend of night flying lamps have taken all over ever since it made its debut in International Kite Festival in 2010. The sky profusely gets filled with lights like Diyas and serves as if someone has placed a floated lamp on the sky. Sometimes even these lamps compete to cut the other lamps ropes. The trend of these light lamps takes full effect on Uttarayan day, where the observation looks awesome from the roof the houses.

International Kite Festival 2014 Date announcement

The Kite Festival is possibly hinting its start from 8th January, 2014 and will continue upto 13th January, 2014. The awards and prizes which will possibly mark the close down event will be held on 14th January. So keep your kites intact, as Kite festival gets ready in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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  1. The International Kite Festival of Gujarat is being celebrated on a much larger scale than any other state of India.


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