18 January 2014

Mehr Tarar Biography Wiki Profile Journalist Editor Daily Times (Pakistan)

Mehr Tarar is a popular Pakistani Columnist who works for Daily Times of Pakistan. Read Mehr Tarar Biography and Wiki profile details as a part of her profession. Mehr Tarar's Profile as an author is recognized to be best among many authors in Pakistan. Mehr Tarar Wiki and Twitter profile reads that she works as an Editor of Daily Times, the popular English daily in Pakistan. Mehr Tarar lives with her husband in Lahore, Pakistan and is currently employed in Daily Times.

Mehr Tarar is a popular columnist cum Editorial expert in Daily Times newspaper editions, an English Pakistani newspaper. She worked with Daily Times for more than three years and her association with authorship status is recognized all over Pakistan country. She is compared among the best within the country. Her association with authorship started from childhood times ever since she completed her graduation from West Virginia University.

Mehr Tarar in Daily Times News (Pakistan)

Mehr Tarar Life and Career

Mehr Tarar completed her career in field of Media and communications. She currently stands being on the lines of senior editorial panel of Daily Times. Her role as a columnist has always been lead as a supreme leadership with her writing works. Mehr Tarar has spend her life in Pakistan following her passion for writing and reaching new heights being a columnist.

She is currently leading Daily Times as a role of Senior Editor.

Mehr Tarar's recent controversy involving Shashi Tharoor's Twitter account

Mehr Tarar has recently been linked involved with Shashi Tharoor's twitter account hack. Mr. Shashi Tharoor, the famous author turned politician had his twitter account hacked and was suspected of Mehr Tarar's involvement with omnious tweets that followed from the hacked account. It is said that Mehr is recently being found having no relation in this case regarding account hacking and surpassing information. The case is being investigated and her role in involvement is not suspected so far. It is believed that Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Shashi Tharoor knew about some BBM messages sent by Tharoor to Mehr earlier.

Sunanda Pushkar's alleged remarks to Mehr Tarar for being an ISI Agent

Earlier Sunanda Pushkar remarked Mehr Tarar very badly with ISI agent's remark which Tarar had taken it very seriously. It all started from Wednesday evening when Sunanda got into the act when she was known about some linkage of Shashi with Mehr Tarar. However Shashi Tharoor confirmed that their accounts were hacked, there were no reports about their tweeting truths. Later Sunanda accepted in press that she tweeted some messages from Shashi's twitter account to Tarar for their extra-marital affair known offlate!

It seemed that Shashi Tharoor never accepted the note and kept of saying about their Twitter accounts being hacked big time! However the issue got more complicated when Tarar started slamming Sunanda about the ISI remark in her public twitter account.

Mehr Tarar - A Pakistani Journalist

Mehr Tarar Retaliates to Sunanda by Twitter Revolts about her relationship with Tharoor

It was all not so well between Tarar - Sunanda and Tharoor. Mehr confirmed that she has been hit badly with her reputation of being such dirtiest remarks. Till then Sunanda kept on making fun of Tarar with her twitter profile. However Mehr claimed that she had no link with minister politician - Shashi Tharoor and asked public for their absconding replies for such remarks made by Sunanda Pushkar. Till today morning both were involved in an indirect conversation revealing not so very good conversation regarding their miffed controversy.

Tarar's Controversial Note of Tharoor's liking of hairstyle revealed by her friend

Shashi Tharoor again came to the limelight today morning when he was taken on with being beautiful with Mehr Tarar, a Pakistani Columnist for Daily Times. It was said that Shashi who cared a lot to Sunanda ditched his life and feelings. Tarar's friend also confirmed that she loved the way Shashi does his hairstyle!! These remarks made things more complicated and saw a cat-fight in Twitter that followed a love-triangle involvement. Among many sources, it was believed that Sunanda Pushkar came to Leela Hotel with her husband in heavy hearts after hearing these news.

These remarks and twitter revolt by Mehr started making Sunanda more shaky towards the end.

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  1. Shashi and Mehr played a role of backbiting Sunanda..... Shame really!!


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