13 May 2014

Exit Polls 2014 Live Gujarat Results: BJP to win 75% seats in Lok Sabha Elections

Shri Narendra Modi sitting currently at Gandhinagar in Gujarat would have thrilled to bits on hearing 75% poll recording for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for Exit Polls 2014 results in Gujarat. The Lok Sabha candidature consideration requires atleast 272 seats for declaring Prime Ministerial candidate to be revealed on May 16th, 2014. NDA candidate and BJP's prime leader - Narendra Damodar Modi on hearing the result was ecstatic to observe that Gujarat might get 22 seats out of 30 in Loksabha election results 2014.

What seemed more likely a comprehensive win for Gujarat CM, is now turning its head on even in other states too. The likelihood of impressive Modi leadership showed its real root in Bihar, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, New Delhi and also in Maharashtra state by big margins. It looks as if the declaration after 3 days of time is about to commence a new status of India's PM regime!

On the other hand, the twist in the tail become more funny when Indian National Congress declared that they don't participate in Exit polls which thus reflects such margin wins for Modi in some states. Rahul Gandhi declared that Exit polls are just a prediction instead of real live counting of supremacy on 16th which would otherwise be the competitive one. The sloppy fall of Congress was better visible with prediction of winning 2 seats are possible. The carnage of Modiji prevailed in states of Assam winning 80% seats and also in Punjab with 58% of seats reserved.

Here are some highlights on what is going on currently in Exit polls counting live as on 13th May, 2014 inclusive of all states:

1. Gujarat: BJP to win 23 seats while Congress stays with 2 seats
2. New Delhi: BJP rules the roost with 6 seats winning while Congress with 1 seat
3. Tamil Nadu: AIADMK to win 31 seats while BJP and Congress to fall short with 5 each.
4. Odhisa: BJD will have majority with more than 10 seats with BJP getting 2 seats while Congress sealing with 1.
5. Assam: BJP set to win 8 seats while Congress gets 5 out of the total.
6. Arunachal Pradesh: Both BJP and Congress set on 1 seat each.
7. West Bengal: Trinamool Congress to win 27 seats while BJP sets on 10 seats.
8. Mizoram: Congress wins 1 seat while no seats for BJP.
9. Karnataka: To get 12 seats for Congress while 13 for BJP

In short BJP is set to easily make 289 seats in Exit polls including all seats while Congress sets themselves with 101 seats winning. 

This is the welcome result for NDA candidate Shri Narendra Modi to setup his Government in India for the first time.

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