18 January 2015

26 January Republic Day Parade Tickets 2015 Online: Ticket Booking, Prices and Availability

The 26 January Republic Day Parade Tickets 2015 online bookings have started. If you are searching where to get Republic day Parade tickets 2015 in New Delhi, then we have the answer. Many people have asked how to get tickets for Republic day parade 2015 and Beating Retreat ceremony? We are enclosing the list of centers in New Delhi where the tickets would be sold at a reasonable price for the common public. The places may be subjected to change according to the availability of the tickets. People who are interested in buying the tickets online may reach the official website or else get it from the stores available in New Delhi for a specific period of time.

Republic day 2015 Function details

The Republic day celebrations will begin on a high note keeping in mind the number of official delegates to be present at the site of the celebrations. Here's a chronological order of the events at the Rajpath to be held that day:

  • Preparation for the Republic day prior to Flag Hoisting
  • Arrival of the President and escorting him to the Flag hoisting ceremony
  • Flag hoisting ceremony takes place followed by National Anthem
  • Escorting President to the Box and beginning of the Parade
  • Welcoming of the Chief Guest to the Celebration 
  • Parade of Army, Navy and Air Force in order to show the strength of the nation
  • Representation of different states with their culture and look
  • Dance organization by students of New Delhi stating cultures of different dance forms
  • Final round: Air Show kicks off with the tag of Republic day making the celebration
  • Closing ceremony

Republic day 2015 Tickets Availability at Different locations in New Delhi

The tickets will be available at different centres prior to the event day. It is being organized to arrange different booths to accommodate large number of people buying those tickets. Tickets will be available at the following locations before 20 days approximately to the Celebration day. Here's a list:
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Gate No. 1 of Shashtri Bhavan
  • Red Fort, Purani Delhi
  • India Gate
  • Reception office of Parliament House
  • Shri Gandhi Ashram, Chandni Chowk
  • Dilli Haat
  • Pragati Maidan South Block road

Availability of Tickets Online for Republic day celebrations 2015?

Yes, it will be made available this time and will be notified early approximately 1 month beforehand. To avoid rush at different places, online stores will give the tickets to people residing out of New Delhi. Only limited number of tickets will be available through online merchandise. Those people living out of Delhi can book their tickets through the official website.

The prices of tickets shall vary from Rs.20 to Rs.300 this time. If you want to sit and enjoy the parade close to VIP box of Prime Minister of India, you need to shell out Rs.300 per seat this time. For those who pay Rs.20 will be seated at the farthest end of the arrangements.

Mandatory Proof Required for buying tickets for R-Day 2015

The Government of India has recently imposed the new rule of carrying a government ID proof for buying tickets from stores available in New Delhi. List of proof documents have been given below that will work as a medium for buying tickets from selected locations:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card
  • Passport
Anyone document will work and this is required for each individual booking tickets as a measure of security purposes imposed by the Government this time.


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  5. Where link online tickets available

  6. Hey guys i eant to inform you all that there is no way book online tickets for Republic Day you can only buy it through the provided outlets

    Thanks alot Vipin Singh (7053181937)

  7. It seems that Republic day tickets will only be available through counters in New Delhi. We were hoping to see online tickets and bookings for Parade event on 26 January, but it is still not available.

    Those who are residing in New Delhi can buy the tickets through available counters as listed above.


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