2 January 2015

Book Kerala Strikers 2015 Tickets Online for CCL 5 Matches - Celebrity Cricket League

The Kerala Strikers are ready for Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2015 during January-February. So start booking your tickets for Kerala Strikers Matches for CCL Season 5 to be held at Hyderabad, Dubai, Ranchi and Kochi. You can buy online tickets for Kerala Strikers matches 2015 during CCL Season 5 to be held within a month of time. We have displayed the scheduled venues below where Kerala Strikers will play their CCL Season 5 matches and appropriate ticketing details online or offline are also mentioned below.

Kerala Strikers 2015 have been lead by superstar Mohan Lal and supported by their strong support staff have scheduled their matches at four different locations. This year Celebrity Cricket League 2015 will make cricketing very exciting with new features for audience like freebie tickets and VIP box as like in IPL earlier.

So here's a tentative dates of matches to be held along with their venues so that you can start booking your tickets online:

  • 26th January, 2014: Kerala Strikers vs Telugu Warriors in Hyderabad
  • 1st February, 2014: Kerala Strikers vs Veer Marathi in Dubai
  • 9th February, 2014: Bengal Tigers vs Kerala Strikers in Ranchi
  • 16th February, 2014: Kerala Strikers vs Chennai Rhinos in Kochi

How to book tickets and ticketing price for the matches

You can book tickets basically online. Free passes will be organized during the events. Also ticketing prices may vary from place to place. It may cost Rs.200 to Rs.250 per head depending on the venue and the popularity of the South stars. You can also book VIP tickets and passes for the cricket events there. However ticket booking will open during the match event prior to two weeks offline for maintaining transparency. 

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  1. i want to book the tickets for 26 jan when will be the online site opened

    1. The site will be opened within a week or two. We will inform the same through another article. Please keep checking back for latest updates.

      Thank You!


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