11 April 2015

Poila Baisakh 2015 Wishes, Messages and SMS in Bengali for New Year

New Year Poila Baisakh 2015 has arrived as a special festival for all the Bengalis. Read our special article on Happy Poila Baisakh 2015 Wishes and Greetings, Poila Baisakh Messages 2015 for all Bengalis and special SMS Messages for Poila Baisakh festival this year. You can get some of the popular Happy Poila Baisakh Facebook Status Messages and updates for this special New Year festival. Catch all the exciting Meesages, SMS and Wishes all in Bengali language to make it very special to your occasion this year.

Poila Baisakh marks the beginning of the New Year festival for all the Bengalis who reside in various parts of the country and even worldwide. This festival is one special to all, as it embraces a new beginning to the year ahead according to Bengali calendar. The year is marked as 1422 according the calendar of the new year. Since it's a very special day for all the bengalis, the Poila Baisakh reminds the bengali culture of food festival and colourful memories for all the people.

So if you people are looking for something refreshingly different, then take our dose of new and freshly prepared Poila Baisakh 2015 Wishes and Messages for near and dear ones. You can send them as an SMS to all your Bengali friends who are looking forward to the festival.

1. Eelo Notun bochore disha
    Pelam notun notun aasha
    Diyeche Bhagwanner aashirwad theke
    Eelo Poila Baisakh'er prochar!

2. Eeshche Notun bochhorer surjo jege
    Sesh holo sab kichu purono kotha
    Chole cholo notun disha dekhe niye
    ekta notun jonmo baisakh firiye

3. Shuru holo notun disha ar notun procholon
    Eelon subchecha Baisakher jon
   Happy Poila Baisakh

4. Poila Baisakher moja ar milon
    Sokoler jonno ekta digijon
    Ashche amader sobar bhalo din
    Poila Baisakher tomake subho din!

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