24 April 2016

Assam Voters List 2016 Check Online Names with Photo update in Assam

The Assam Voters List 2016 has been revised by Chief Electoral Officer, Assam state. You can now check Assam Voters List Online and view your names with photographs for updated information. You can also download Assam Voters List 2014 PDF document and view the updated Assam electoral rolls 2016 online. The CEO Assam website have started registration process for updated revision of Voters list scheduled in upcoming month. You can register for Assam voter list 2016 year in coming days for next update revision scheduled in two months time.

You need to constantly check the official Voter's list as declared by the Electoral officer, Assam from time to time. Generally revision is done every two months time considering the number of application of registration received during the due date period. The period can extend if number of applications doesn't meet the required number. If you have applied for Voters list 2016 revision, then don't worry we will let you the updated information on the voters list here.

Check Voters List Status for latest Assam Voters List 2016 Revision scheduled

The updated voters list will contain all the electoral rolls 2015 as updated from the website. You may also check the same through official press releases to know about the same. If the latest voters list for Assam state has been released, then all the revised voters of different cities and districts of Assam will have their Electoral rolls updated for this year. You can download a PDF copy of your Electoral rolls as updated on April 2016 and the revised voter's list copy of a particular city and district from zonal CEO website. For more revised schedule, bookmark this page for latest updates and additions.

To register / check your name in Voters list of Assam, visit here: Assam Voters List 2016 Updated latest for Assam state

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